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Chilean born Felipe Dupouy is an established fine artist based in Los Angeles. He received his fine art degree in photography from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in 2000. His body of work includes limited edition furniture pieces and mural scale photographic prints .  His art has been featured on popular television programs, including HBO'S Big Little Lies, Heroes, The Closer, as well as in films such as I Am Legend, Duplicity, and Burlesque. Also, in more than fifty feature stories for Los Angeles Times Magazine and Los Angeles Magazine. Felipe’s furniture and art have sold through art consultants and luxury design showrooms like Twentieth, and Orange in Los Angeles. His photographs and furniture can be found in numerous private collections and in the permanent collections of the Santa Barbara County Museum of Art, The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, The Roosevelt Hotel, and Sky Television’s headquarters in London.



By working with my hands, I feel that l develop a dialogue with the materials I am working with. From there, a kind of collaboration emerges. It is as if the materials already know what they want to be.  I just need to listen and get to work. I make the pieces myself and only use fabricators for the finishes - Felipe Dupouy


I developed a system of embedding my photographic imagery into my designs. I create functional one of a kind art furniture pieces. They are all handmade,  produced in Los Angeles, California.


I think of my photography as a portal for people to travel far away inside themselves. All my prints are Lightjet C Prints. They are limited editions and range in size from 30 x 40 inches to mural size. They come with a dated, signed certificate of authenticity that includes the edition number.


Photo-translucents are meant to bring photography off the wall where it has lived since its invention in 1835. Light has always bounced off the surface of traditional photography, Photo-tanslucents are designed to act as portals through which light travels.